Which Home Improvements Add Value and Increase Your Home's Value

Upgrading your home can be a great way to increase its value and make it more enjoyable for you and your family. But which home improvements are worth the investment? Bathroom renovations are a great place to start, as they can recover up to 93.5 percent of your investment. Installing new fixtures, brightening the room with paint, and re-grouting the bathtub are all simple and cost-effective ways to give your bathroom a facelift. Adding ceiling moldings is another easy task that can add character to your rooms.

Crown molding is a bit more involved, but it's still very economical to do it yourself. When it comes to outdoor improvements, decks are a great way to add value to your home. Remodeling recommends sticking with a 16 ft x 20 ft wooden deck, though the size will depend on the size of your home and yard. You'll also want to add a railing system for added functionality and stability.

Stone cladding is another great option for exterior walls, as it can generate an excellent return on investment. Adding square footage to your home is another great way to increase its value, but it can quickly become expensive. Remodeling your basement is a great way to transform unused space into something useful, such as a home theater, additional living room, office, or additional bedrooms and bathrooms. When it comes to interior design, replacing cheap plastic blinds or paper curtains with something more luxurious can instantly add value to your home.

Depending on how old your property is, there may be some home improvement projects that need to be done in order to update it in terms of residential building codes. Finishing an unfinished basement is another great way to add useful square footage that instantly increases the value of your home. If you already know the projects you want to do, you can use a home improvement calculator to get accurate estimates. If you need financial support with your home improvement projects, Seattle Credit Union offers home-equity loans at competitive rates and without many of the trouble fees you'll find at other banks.

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