Which home improvement shows are fake?

First, the house hunt at the beginning of the show is for, well, show. Yes, it's the same treatment House Hunters HGTV wants people who are already under contract in a house, according to show participant David Ridley, who appeared on Season 3 of Fixer Upper. They show you other houses but you already have one, Ridley told Fox News. After they select you, they send your home to Chip and Joanna and their design team.

A host walks into a large home improvement store and chooses two seemingly unsuspecting people for a once-in-a-lifetime makeover in the backyard. But, that was yesterday and today, the real programs of Home Improvement and Reno are a staple in HGTV (Home %26 Garden Television). For many HGTV reality shows, the main attraction is watching participants' lives improve with the help of success. Regular viewers of HGTV programming may think that all they need to do is spend a trip to the home improvement store.

On TV, couples take a whirlwind trip to the home improvement store to pick up everything they usually need after the renovation has started. Reality TV has been all the rage, and home improvement shows are becoming more and more popular right now.

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