Remembering Wilson from Home Improvement: Tim Allen Pays Tribute to His Late Co-Star

Seventeen years after his death, Tim Allen paid tribute to his beloved co-star, Wilson from Home Improvement, in the latest episode of Last Man Standing. Wilson, played by Earl Hindman, was a beloved character on the show and was known for his mysterious face that was always hidden behind a fence. Sadly, the actor passed away in 2003 due to lung cancer at the age of 61. Before his death, Hindman had a long career as a character actor and appeared in two episodes of Home Improvement. In the latest episode of Last Man Standing, Allen's character, Tim Taylor, met Mike Baxter and paid tribute to his late co-star.

The episode was a touching tribute to Hindman and his character on Home Improvement. Fans of the show were moved by the tribute and took to social media to express their appreciation for Allen's gesture. Hindman's death was a huge loss for the Home Improvement cast and crew. He was an integral part of the show and will always be remembered for his iconic role as Wilson.

His legacy will live on through his work on the show and through Allen's tribute.

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