How to Plan and Execute a Successful Whole-Home Renovation

Fortunately, we've worked with many Central Ohio homeowners on their entire home renovation projects, and we know how much detail goes into doing a successful whole-home renovation. We love to plan, design and build our clients' dream renovations, and over the years we have developed a general whole-home renovation checklist to help our customers better understand the process. So what are the general steps you should follow when remodeling your home? And what kinds of things should be on your home remodeling checklist? Here are our top tips to help you plan and organize your renovation. The scope of this step is largely due to your plan.

You may need to extensively rebuild, or you may just be framing a few new walls. This step includes all the “behind the scenes” elements and is usually performed simultaneously with the reconstruction and framing. Basically, anything that has to go inside floors, walls, or ceilings will be completed in this step. It could include some minor adjustments to plumbing and electrical, or it could be a complete rewiring or plumbing of your home. Once everything has been restructured and rebuilt, all the mechanical elements are where they need to be and the insulation is in place, the drywall can go up.

It will need to be glued with tape and mud, then the mud will have to be dried and sanded. Once the walls are smooth, they are ready for priming, painting, or other finishing. Many contractors like to paint at this point to avoid dripping or overspray on final finishes. A whole-home remodeling or renovation project can be an extremely large and overwhelming undertaking. There are numerous decisions to make and many aspects to consider.

Even choosing the amount of the house to remodel and the purpose of the renovation is a big decision. Despite all these decisions, the important thing to remember is that remodeling is an investment. Any improvement you make to your home, no matter how extensive, should not only increase the functionality of your home, but it should also increase the value of your home. And the best place to start is to make a plan. You can also choose to base this decision on starting with interior or exterior renovations.

We often see the best results when homeowners place exterior renovations, such as roofing or cladding, at the top of their list. However, this always depends on what is most important to you or what time of year you are in. If you want to start renovating in January, you may have a better result starting with interior projects. Okay, now that I've put a cap on commissioning a master plan, let's move on to the general order in which home improvement projects should be addressed. Now you can also consider external renovations that could be connected to the home, such as adding a front porch or sunroom. We offer a unique vision and practical approach to whole-home remodeling that will help your project run smoothly and quickly to provide you with the space and home of your dreams.

There are many steps and a lot of planning for the remodeling and renovation of the entire house. If it looks like you're going to have to go through the house to get to the back garden, fix the garden before working on the interior property. Look to the future: Even if you don't plan to remodel your entire home at once, it's important to plan ahead for future phases. Start with the bathrooms and kitchens first, they seem to require more work and you're going to move sinks, cabinets and things around the house, so you don't want to squat on freshly painted walls.

While some of these projects begin as a one-room renovation, they can easily be extended to other parts of the home and eventually turn into a whole-home remodel. The last thing you want to do is make the house look beautiful, then remember that you need to load some mud wheelbarrows from the back garden through it, ruining the interior of the property in the process. It's crucial that you have a plan to make sure you don't forget something so you can easily see which of these points apply to your home. And there's no reason you can't have an extended plan for making only one part of the house at a time.

Many home remodeling projects start because people simply need more space for a changing family or because their current home design doesn't fit their needs. If you're considering a whole-home remodel, New Key Construction based in Walnut Creek California is here for you. . .

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