Does Disney Have Home Improvement?

Fans and stars of the hit ABC series Home Improvement are both confused and concerned as to why the show is no longer available on paid streaming services. Recently, one of the show's stars took to Twitter to express her confusion and worry. Disney recently announced several other television projects, such as Under Wraps 2 and The Naughty Nine, which are both new original films being prepared for Disney Channel and Disney+. It has been speculated that the lack of Home Improvement on Disney+ may be related to a lawsuit that was filed almost a decade ago.

It is clear that Home Improvement would be a great fit for Disney+, as it is clean and familiar. Now that the suit with Wind Dancer is resolved, it seems like it's only a matter of time before it is added to the streamer's ever-growing catalog. The streamer's subscribers would undoubtedly be thrilled to have access to the show again. Disney Plus also hosts many educational programs filmed throughout the brand's existence.

Should Disney be able to re-license Home Improvement, it would likely attract a lot of new subscribers. It is possible that Disney has learned from past mistakes and is now willing to avoid similarly annoying Home Improvement fans.

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