Does disney have home improvement?

Fans and stars of the show are both confused as to why “home improvement is no longer available on paid streaming services. In fact, one of the stars of the hit ABC series took to Twitter Sunday afternoon to discuss her concern regarding the fact that Disney+ is not airing reruns of the show. Fans and stars of the show are confused as to why “Home Improvement is no longer available on paid streaming services. Disney announced several other television projects on Monday.

Under Wraps 2 and The Naughty Nine are two new original films being prepared for Disney Channel and Disney+. A movie or home improvement special would fit perfectly into Disney+ and it would certainly be interesting to see how they could modernize “Tool Time”, such as a streaming program or even a YouTube channel. While it's simply speculation, some sources have wondered if the lack of “Home Improvement on Disney+” is related to a lawsuit that was filed almost a decade ago. It's clear that Home Improvement would be right at home on Disney+, clean and familiar, and now that the suit with Wind Dancer is resolved, it seems like it's only a matter of time before it is added to the streamer's ever-deepening catalog.

The streamer's subscribers suddenly found that the series was absent from their library, and while there were many complaints from Home Improvement faithful, there was also speculation that the recent release of Disney+ might have had something to do with it (since ABC is owned by Disney, which also has most ownership and control). Hulu operative. The Disney Plus branch of National Geographic now hosts many educational programs filmed throughout the brand's existence. Should Disney be able to re-license the program, Home Improvement would undoubtedly attract a lot of new subscribers.

It's easy to imagine that Disney, having learned a thing or two from that fiasco, is willing to avoid similarly annoying Home Improvement fans.

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